(UK) Domain Name Registration

A domain name is a unique address which enables your website to be found on the internet or for people to contact you via email. It is the part which comes after “www.” on a web browser (eg: www.businesswebsite.com) and before “@” in an email address (eg: info@businesswebsite.com). There are many different domain extensions, eg: .co.uk, .com, .net, etc, and the one that is best for you depends on what you want to do with your website. If you are selling products or services solely in the UK, a .co.uk domain is ideal. If you are an international seller, a .com extension is the recognised extension for international trade. Other extensions are country specific, but we can advise you on the best one for your business needs.

Once your domain name has been registered, the location of your website and email service are recorded so that they can be found when someone types your domain name in the web browser or sends an email.

Your domain name is registered with us for two years, after which time we will renew it on receipt of payment.

We don’t charge for transferring your domain name to us, unless we are charged for the transfer. We do not charge for transfering your domain name away from us.

We will register or renew your domain name for two years. We will invoice you by email, 30 days before your domain name is due to expire. This invoice will clearly state that your domain name is at risk if you do not renew it. You will be invoiced 30 days before your domain name is due for renewal. Timely reminders will also be sent by email.


If you request to have your domain name tagged to a new registrant, we will do this within 24 hours, unless there is a dispute with the domain name or if powers beyond our control, for example, no internet access, we will release the domain name as soon as we can.

We will not renew your domain name if you do not contact us before the expiry date, we’ll send an email to the contact email address held against the domain name. Once you’ve gone over your expiry date, you’ll still have time to renew your domain before it gets cancelled. But if we don’t receive a renewal request and payment within 30 days of the expiry date, Nominet will suspend the domain name. This means all services that use that domain name, such as your website and email, will stop working. We will not send any more reminders after this.

When your domain has been suspended for 60 days without being renewed, Nominet will schedule it for cancellation. Once cancelled, the domain name will become instantly available to others who may wish to re-register it.

If you have a complaint against Businesswebsite regarding domain names, please contact us in the first instance. Will will reply within 48 hours. Hopefully we can work out a solution that we wouls both be happy with. If we don’t give you a satisfactory response, you can take the complaint to Nominets Customer Services Team. Either call them on 01865 332244 or email to nominet@nominet.uk.

Domain Name Contact information

If you contact us regarding domain names, we always endeavour to get back to you with 48 hours.

Please fill out the form below, or contact us on any of the email address below.

  • For domain name abuse – abuse@businesswebsite.com
  • For domain name complaints – domains@businesswebsite.com
  • General inquiries – info@businesswebsite.com

Please visit Nominets domain name support pages for more information, click the logo on the left